Employment Policies Advice and Counseling

Companies of all sizes, whether in "start up" stage or those employing thousands of individuals, should have established policies and procedures for their employees. By establishing carefully worded and narrowly tailored policies, employers can reduce uncertainty and foster a positive working environment.

Why are policies necessary?
For one thing, they are often required. Federal and/or California state laws mandate certain policies in order to meet compliance standards in various areas of public concern, such as equal employment opportunity (EEO), sexual harassment prevention, meal and rest breaks, medical and disability-related leaves of absence, workers’ compensation, and privacy.

Why are policies recommended?
Beyond the minimum of what is legally required, there are many other policies that companies should have to safeguard both the company, as well as employees' rights and standards of conduct. These may include policies for disciplinary action, health and safety, business expenses, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, arbitration, policies governing the payment of overtime, and policies against workplace violence.

How can my company acquire these policies?
One size does not fit all. Each company should consider its size, industry and unique challenges when creating and implementing employment policies. At Kani Law Group, we consult with our clients to understand their needs and prepare policies that make sense for them. We recommend and create policies that ensure compliance with changing employment laws and company growth and/or transitions.

If you would like assistance with drafting policies for your company or reviewing policies that you currently have documented, please contact our office.